2023My solutions for AOC 2023, in Guile 4 months
pass-cacheA simple daemon that caches the response from pass my_entry 13 months
wlr-idle-proxyA simple org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver implementation for Wayland compositors that...13 months
writedwrited is a tiny daemon that displays messages received via the traditional writ...11 months
clearooms.elA simple interface to Clearooms in Emacs 12 months
power-profiles.elSimple interface to power-profiles-daemon in Emacs 13 months
chip8-emuA small CHIP-8 emulator, written in Rust 13 months
classic-fire-effectSimple demoscene-style fire effect, written in Rust 13 months
flappy-gbA simple flappy bird clone for the Gameboy 13 months
miniflux-scriptsSmall scripts for programatically manipulating miniflux 4 months
perlin-testA few perlin noise experiments 4 months
ray-tracing-the-next-weekAn implementation of the program described in Ray Tracing in One Weekend and Ray...3 months
realtime-raytracing-demoA hardware-accelerated (via OpenGL) realtime raytracer written in C/GLSL 13 months
soft-raycasting-demoA simple (and slightly messy) software ray casting renderer, written in Rust 13 months
tiny-serveA small, fast, fully asynchronous, and concurrent HTTP/1.1 server for static con...13 months